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Welcome to the beginning or continuation of your investigation of homeopathy.  Below you will find a brief explanation of homeopathy and the benefits of homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy--Healing Art and Science,
Proven for 200 Years

"Homeopathy", or "similar suffering", refers to the Law of Similars, upon which a great system of healing is based.  The Law of Similars, that "like cures like", is a law of nature hinted at by healers and philosophers throughout history, but never fully explored before 200 years ago, when the German physician Samuel Hahnemann made his discoveries.  He found that any substance can be prepared so as to release its subtle properties and eliminate toxic effects.  He "proved" these remedy preparations by systematically administering them to healthy people, and saw that each substance caused unique symptoms.  Profound healing occurred when he gave a patient a remedy whose proving symptoms matched the patient's individual symptoms. 

Provings conducted since Hahnemann's time have produced detailed symptom records of over 2,000 plant, mineral, and animal substances.  Practitioners are trained how to search for the exact remedy match for each client through an involved process of perception and differentiation.  Countless cures using homeopath methods have been well-documented over the past two centuries.  
(For an in-depth explanation of homeopathic principles and practice, see the book Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, at

How Can You Benefit from Homeopathy?

If you are looking for healing as a whole being, understanding that your mind, emotions, and physical symptoms are interrelated, Classical Homeopathy is a completely holistic approach to healing a full range of chronic conditions.  Because the homeopathic process is a fascinating journey of insights and personal growth, it is an excellent adjunct to psychotherapy and spiritual practices.  In addition, most children are quite responsive to homeopathy.

Generally, as the whole improves, the part improves:  Physical ailments often clear gradually as the core person is strengthened.  While conventional medicine usually offers symptomatic relief at most, this is rarely truly curative.  On the other hand, in building the general level of health from the inside, homeopathic practitioners routinely see augmented well-being, clarity, and energy levels, along with amelioration of physical complaints, when a good remedy match is chosen.

"Homeopathy does not merely remove disease from an organism, it strengthens and harmonizes the very source of life and creativity in the individual."
                                                   ---George Vithoulkas, leading homeopath

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